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Michelle Morrison

Psychic Medium


With a lifetime of experience, Michelle helps you to experience deep and profound connections to your departed loved ones, while helping you to tune into guidance and your own incredible wisdom.


Michelle loves to connect to the Universal support that is there for you through your own angels, spirit guides and loved ones.  Helping to make these connections can be life changing in the most powerful and positive ways.


Michelle is a Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner.  

As an empath, Michelle sees and feels the flow of energy and can help you to find ways to release blocks, tension, stress and grief, helping you to be in a state of well-being.



Michelle Morrison is a renowned Psychic Medium with a lifetime of experience.  From as far back as Michelle can remember, she saw angels and loved ones around her.  After her own Spiritual Awakening in adulthood, Michelle decided to be true to her own heart and follow her own passion of speaking to and delivering messages from Spirit to those wanting to make connections.  Michelle has a gentle and loving way of delivering on point messages and is known for her sense of humor.  Michelle has an ability to receive and share messages while she bridges the understanding of our physical world to the non-physical world and just how close we all are.  Life truly is eternal, and the meaningful and on point messages will help you to know that more than ever before.  Helping others to tap into their own abilities and intuition is Michelle's passion.  Encouraging people to live in higher vibrational states, rising from third dimensional living and into higher frequencies is so important right now and there has never been a more important time to tap into your divine nature, your intuition, the support from your Spiritual team and to remember the true essence of your being.  Tune into all that you are, your limitless possibilities, tap into your intuition and use it, be all that you can be and thrive walking your earth journey!


Making connections to Spirit is profoundly uplifting, supportive and healing for the soul.  Those beautiful, loving messages and reminders help to bring forward so much more love, joy, well being, meaning and
purpose in our lives. 
Open your heart and make your connection to Spirit.

Michelle Morrison


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Michelle Morrison

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