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10 Signs That Your Loved Ones Use to Show You They Are With You!

There are so many ways that your loved ones are showing up around you and letting you know that they are with you.  These are some really great ways for you to know that they are still with you and connecting with you.  Have you experienced any of these things?

1.      Smelling a distinctive scent, a cologne, smoke, a cigar, flowers, spices, something that you associate with that person.  The smell, even           if smoke is always pleasant and brings forward good memories.

2.      You may have a feeling as though someone has touched you or is hugging you.  Like just feeling that they are near or with you, even              if you are unsure, it just “feels” like they are with you.

3.      You may have a dream about your loved one or seeing your loved one in a dream, like being able to say hello!  Dreams can be quite                vivid and colorful, loving and positive.  It is a true spiritual encounter of your loved one coming to let you know that they are alright                and that they are with you.

4.      Synchronicities – just the right thing happening at the right time, you get exactly what you need or something that you asked for help           with.  They tend to happen when you need them the most.

5.      Seeing the same numbers or sequence of numbers over and over.  So this is like seeing the numbers 111 or 444 or a sequence of                  numbers that has a specific meaning to you, such as an address, a birth date or anniversary or a phone number.

6.      Finding coins, such as pennies or dimes at just the right time.  A coin will catch your eye or be given to you, or you can find them in               strange places.  However, a coin comes to you, watch for the same kind of coin coming to you over and over.  Go back to the previous           thought that you had before finding the coin and know that finding the coin is a sign that you are on the right track, that you are                     being supported, that you are loved.

7.      Seeing a certain animal or bird, finding feathers, seeing rainbows, butterflies, dragon flies or ladybugs.  Loved ones will often use                    nature to help speak to you and so seeing the same animal or bird over and over can be a sign from Heaven.

8.      Electrical events, such as lights flashing, lights turning on, or something electronic turning on, such a TV or stereo.

9.      Hearing a meaningful song or words from a song that are significant and come at just the right time.  It might be music that your                   loved one liked and it may be because of the words in a particular song, but loved ones love to use music as they know it helps to                   bring positivity to you.

10.   A buzzing, tone change or sound in your ear.  This is the “you have mail” message and it is a message that they are coming to you to               let you know that they are with you and there might be something they need you to know.  Pay attention to your thoughts, what were           you thinking about or wondering about when the tone change in your ear happened?

These are all ways that your loved ones speak to you on a regular basis, as our souls are always in contact with one another.  You were born with the ability to communicate energetically and so even if you are unsure, just believe, trust and even imagine if you have to and see how spirit will come and play and communicate with you, showing their love and support in the most amazing ways!

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