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Sat, Mar 02


Hal Rogers Centre in Albert McGowan Park

Spiritually Awakened Soul Moving into the 5th Dimension

Awaken your inner spirit and soul and move beyond the chaos into the 5th dimension as you fulfill your path and purpose.

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Spiritually Awakened Soul Moving into the 5th Dimension
Spiritually Awakened Soul Moving into the 5th Dimension

Time & Location

Mar 02, 2024, 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. PST

Hal Rogers Centre in Albert McGowan Park, 2025 Summit Dr, Kamloops, BC V2E 2N7, Canada

About the Event

Imagine living with a deeper sense of peace and having clear inner direction and taking action in the ways you want, rather than agonizing over what to do? The path of awakening is not always easy.  Living in this time is not necesarily easy.  Not only is there so much going on in the world at this time, but people are so overloaded with information like never before in our history.  It leaves people overwhelmed and burnt out.  There is so much to look at and so much to see and so much to filter through.  There is so much comparison energy and it can create inner confusion.  People can be their own greatest judges, or become stuck or stagnant and forget who they truly are.  In fact there are ways that our society and culture doesn't want you to remember who you are and all of the power you contain.  You are here to remember who you really are and step fully into your light.  You knew you could do this as you were planning your life journey and now is the time to really come home to the truth, to rise up out of lower vibrational frequencies and start living in a higher dimension of energy and light.

Taking time to slow down, take care of yourself and to immerse in healing and empowering energy, as you tune into your incredible inner wisdom, while connecting with the highest parts of your being and all of the incredible support that surrounds you, can transcend the chaos.  It can lift you into a higher vibrational frequency and your awareness of this energy can help you to liberate yourself from anything low vibrational for good.  Life becomes so much easier when we become more spiritually aware and especially more self aware.  Spiritual exercises and practices can provide you with an immense and amazing tool box to help you let go of old patterns and re-align yourself with the highest parts of your being, the empowered and infinite being that you are and always have been.

2024 is the year of the awakening light worker.  No matter what you do in your life, if you are awakening, you know that you are here to bring more light.  You know that you want to contribute love and beauty to the world and that you are ready to break away from the chaos and to choose your own path as you start living more from the heart and less from the head.  This is the 2024 journey!  To move forward on your earth journey, you need to be more tuned into your intuition and inner guidance, your highest self.  When you are more tuned in, it is so much easier to connect to your inner peace and your purpose.  You can experience a profound shift in your consciousness as you no longer reactive to every single outside circumstance and that you flow with more ease through a very changing world.

Join Michelle Morrison, Psychic Medium and Dr. Tara Drummond, ND for a magical workshop of awakening, empowerment and healing.  We will be using sacred ceremony, meditation, practical spiritual exercises, movement, games, laughter and music and so much more to awaken the inner parts of your being and bring them to the light.  To shift into a higher frequency and to move at the speed of love and light.  Together, as more and more awaken and step into the fullness of your being, we are truly making huge shifts in the world, creating and embodying high vibrational energy on earth and leaving ripples of that same high vibration everywhere you go.

During the workshop we will be:

- working through the entire chakra system to create balance, knowing, well being, flow and high vibration

- building deeper connection within and to your surrounding environments

- exploring the 7 main energy centers, your chakra system, we will be moving through each center becoming highly attuned to your powers, abilities as well as clearing blockages and creating much more flow

- using the Chinese Medicine system to create connection, flow and vitality

- heightening your intuition and following your inner instincts and feelings

- grounding

- remembering and knowing your worth and taking loving actions for your self

- creating habits that are in alignment with your purpose and that honor your true self

- quickly accressing and knowing answers and guidance that you need within

- experiencing a whole body approach of mind, body, spirit for moving through your life

- to be able to ask and answer even big questions, within and to trust that inner guidance

- experiencing guided meditations

- tea ceremony

-intuitive development exercises

- breath session with Rikki Andrew, Breath Intgegration Practitioner and Coach

and so much more!  Join us for this incredible one day workshop!

Loads of snacks, tea and fruit water available all day.  Please bring with you: lunch, a tea mug or cup, a journal, a yoga matt if you prefer to meditate on the floor, dress comfortably and in layers so you can add or remove through the day as you need!

Michelle Morrison is a renowned Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Author and Speaker.  She is known for her sense of humor and delivering on point messages, as she bridges the understanding between the physical world and the non-physical world, all that beautiful energy and support that surrounds everyone.  Helping others to tap into their own intuition and making their own connections is Michelle's passion.  She brings energy, sunshine and laughter all while helping you to be much more highly attuned and connected within and all around you.

Dr. Tara Drummond, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor, who loves to help people feel more connected within and educated about their body.  She has a most beautiful way of seeing the whole picture and is passionate about helping people to thrive in their well being.  Dr. Tara has a background and training in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture as she understands the energetics of the body, flow and blockages.  Helping you to feel better, to honour yourself and take care of yourself in the most beautiful and loving ways.

Rikki Andrew is a certified Breath Practitioner in the Breath Integration Method of Counselling.  She is dedicated to empoweing individuals through breath work to reconnect to their intuition and develop the tools to live authentically and in alignment with their true selves.  Her heart centered and loving approach will bring so much light, love and healing to your day!


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