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Coming Home to the Truth of Your Soul is a Meditation Album and Course with 12 Meditative tracks.  This is a digital download, that when purchased, you will download onto your computer or device to keep.  Each meditation speaks to a message from Spirit, a truth that they want you to remember, to know about yourself.  Moving behind the illusion of life and into the truth of who you really are, how empowered, sovereign, valued and important and loved you are, are not words or messages that we hear enough.  These meditations, built one upon the other, one day at a time, will truly help you to change your outlook, your thought patterns and beliefs about yourself, so that not only are you looking at yourself through a much more compassionate lens, but the world as well.  The meditations have been created to bring you peace and deep healing, all while helping you to remember who you truly are, where you have come from, all of the incredible wisdom you contain and how to access all of it with much more ease.  To feel connected not only to your higher self, but to your source energy, to your own angels and spirit guides, to understand and feel the energy around you, helps you to navigate the world, all of the ups and downs, the challenges and triumps that come your way.  Giving yourself time to be still, to slow down, to tune in and to listen within is one of the most beneficial practices you can choose for yourself and for your growth as a spiritual being and can truly change your outlook of the world and your life in beautiful ways.  I have created these meditations as I have channeled countless messages from Spirit, knowing these are the truths that they share and the most important things they want us to remember.  The mediations cover:  Self Love and Acceptance, Weathering a Storm, Forgiveness, Intuition, Purpose, Peace, Connection, Trust, Compassion and Being Grounded.  We need good words each day, just as we need water and nutrients and exercise, good words, the messages that go through our mind are as important as water and oxygen.  It is my hope that you will use these words, the power of these meditations to help elevate your mind, your energy and your spirit to higher places and that they help you to be still, to tune in and to listen within.  Allowing you to be more intutive, connected, compassionate to yourself and to others.  This is an investment in yourself.  Just 20 minutes per day, a beautiful meditation to support whatever you are in need of the most.

Coming Home to the Truth of Your Soul Meditation Course

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