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Message From Michelle

Blessings to you!  I am sending you loads of loving energy for a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend!  Here in Canada, I love that we celebrate the harvest season in October and welcome fall and the changing of the seasons.  We had quite a surprise  as it snowed at my house last night!  Feels a little early for that!  At any rate, I am wishing you a wonderful weekend full of whatever it is that you love the most, friends, family, fun and gratitude. 

You can really feel the momentum of energy shift right now.  I know many of you have expressed that it has been a bit up and down and maybe even chaotic.  I don't know about you, but I really feel a big shift coming and I really feel that although sometimes change can be scary, it is ultimately really positive.  I love hearing and sharing in your feedback and so make sure to follow me on social media as we will be doing lots of talking about this so that we can get through change with grace and ease. 

Some new big events are in the works and I am so excited to announce two more amazing events to help and support you as you move into the holiday season and bring this year to a close.  It can be so empowering when you really take some time to tune in to see where things are at and what you might like to do differently, how you would like to move forward and to do that in a way with more support from your angel team than ever before.  We ALL need this so much right now!  So, I really look forward to coming together with you and being able to share in this exciting energy and bring forward messages that are meant to uplift and support your body, soul and spirit as you walk your path in the best ways possible.  I have also been hard at work planning the April retreat on Vancouver Island and so more details are now below!  I am planning a 2020 tour and so hopefully coming to a city near you, including Calgary and Red Deer!  Thank you so much for your patience, I can't wait to come and see and connect with you!  

Have a beautiful weekend, filling your spirit with the things that make you feel good!

All my love, Michelle


Message from Stephanie Tate, Michelle's amazing assistant! Right now Stephanie is in Victoria, enjoying to the fullest such a beautiful city and we have been chatting back and forth and she has been sending some really beautiful pictures!  Enjoy every moment Steph!  She wanted to share with you, that she is helping to organize an incredible event in Kamloops, Brennan's Ugly Sweater Run on Sunday December 1st.  I will be joining this event and walking the route and I am looking for people to join me!  Let's get a team together So, dig out your ugly Christmas sweater and register to Run in memory of Brennan Comazzetto, who loved all things Christmas!  All proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club Power Start Program.  The link for more information and to register is right here!  Hope to see you there!  - Michelle on behalf of Stephanie! XOXO Stephanie 


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Are you looking for something different?  Something inspirational?

 I would love to come and speak to your group, business, or organization!  It is incredible how messages from Spirit can bring people together, elevate the energy and start some meaningful and amazing conversations!  Contact me for your very own group reading or event!


Letting the Good Stuff In

Last month we talked about letting go and for October and for Thanksgiving that is coming up this weekend, I want to talk about letting the good stuff in.  As we gather and get together with friends and family, Thanksgiving is meant to be a time of celebration, delicious food and traditionally, counting your blessings.

One of the things that I constantly witness as I have the honor of speaking and working with so many people, is that there are so many of us who struggle to feel worthy.  To feel like they are enough; doing enough or what they need to be doing differently or how they should be doing better.  Energetically what I see is how these feelings and the continuous thoughts that support them are really like stop signs to the Universe.  It is like a way of not allowing good things to come to you.

It can be challenging to feel worthy.  From a young age, we are taught not to be too much, to behave, to be quiet and not make a fuss.  Somehow in all of that, we get the message that you have to work hard to get what you want, that it is really hard to get what you want and that you have to be worthy.  Whatever your beliefs are surrounding this, tune into them.  What does the voice inside your head tell you about good things coming to you?  Is that really the truth?

The truth is that you are an extension of your source energy.  No matter what, you are just so loved.  The way that Spirit shows how supportive the Universe is through a picture that I get often and it is a picture of ship after ship coming to your shore.  The truth is that the Universe will show up, bringing ship after ship to your shore.  It is entirely up to you if you will climb aboard or if you will sit it out.

This is a message to say to you, be willing to accept.  Be willing to say yes!  Be willing to allow good things to come forward.  Be willing to shift your thoughts and to think about things from a place that in the eyes of Source energy, you are so worthy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and this weekend let some of the good stuff in!

All my love, Michelle

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