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Message From Michelle

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Awaken the Intuitive Within!

I am a little bit behind this month!  September is always such a busy month and the time has been flying by.  It has been a huge month energetically so I have been doing lots of reading, channeling and writing as I keep up and take care of myself during this energetic transition.  I hope that you are doing what you need during this time as well.  We are on the verge of some big Universal shifts and not only are you seeing it, but you might be feeling it as well.  Right now, there is an "uplevelling" happening.  What I mean by this, is that for those energetically aware and sensitive, you are growing and expanding in your knowing, intuition, and ability to connect.  Your energy is expanding as you learn and understand more about the workings of the Universe, the ability to manifest in bigger ways and living more and more in your truth.  These are some pretty big things, but so needed at this time.  Take good care and be gentle with yourself as you move through this phase and know that your continuous connection to source energy makes this more than possible for you.  You chose to be here at this time and in this place for a good reason.  Never forget what an amazing part of the fabric of life that you are.  Altogether, we make a beautiful tapestry.

There are some exciting things happening and new events for you to have a look at.  I am so looking forward to seeing you at one or more of them.  Have a beautiful rest of your month and see you soon!

All my love, Michelle


Message from Stephanie Tate, Michelle's amazing assistant!

Hi everyone!  September the new year for me!  I have always found this time of year to be more of a new beginning than January. The leaves are changing color, we transition from the lazy sun-filled days of summer, to burst of yellow and red dotting the landscapes. We tend to crave a routine, whether that's school or work, or maybe kids? I enjoy this transition time so much.  I'm super excited for September I have three classes left, and then I'm officially done my undergrad degree. I have a lot on my plate this fall and am taking time to schedule in self-care practices both at home and with practitioners in our community. From crystal reiki to naturopathic medicine to continued learning. Mini celebratory goals are so my happy place! I hope you find some time for some self-care in September.   XOXO Stephanie 


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Free 8 Minute Reset Meditation!

Letting Go

So the past couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least!  Have you found that you have had any of these things happening to you?

Difficulty sleepingDifficulty making decisionsEmotion and sensitivity overloadIntense interactions with peopleSome deep buried emotions have come to the surface.YET...You can see things more clearlyYou can see the truth of circumstances or situations around youYou can see the truth of certain relationshipsYour intuition is getting strongerThis was a very cleansing full moon, clearing and cleansing out what you no longer need and allowing you to make room for what you do want and how you want to move forward from here.

So, I did lots of channeling and writing and checked in with angel cards for messages as well.  I kept getting a messages of rebirth, new beginnings, that endings give way to new beginnings.  Then I had a few close friends send messages to me, that came out of the blue of angel cards they had pulled for me and what were the messages?  Transition, change, rebirth and renewal.  There is nothing like getting the same message from different sources to show you without doubt, this is something you need to hear, to pay attention to. 

So, now I have received the message loud and clear.  Yet, to be truthful, I didn't know exactly what to do with it.  So, I sat in stillness and said to myself, "I am willing to let go of what no longer serves me."  So, I am ready, sitting peacefully and nothing is coming forward.  So I wait and I am patient with myself.  What came forward isn't what I expected, but I wanted to share it with you, as we are all one and if this touches someone who needs this message at just the right time, then it is meant to be.  As I relaxed more deeply, I began to write what came through to me: 

"Feeling unsure, uncertain and lost at times is a part of the path.  Rather than avoid it, we invite you to see what those feelings are showing you and to use them to learn more about yourself.  You are needing to make some changes and you are unsure of how to step forward with this.  You don't need to know each step before you take it.  Just one step at a time.  Take a breath and know that you will be okay, even if you don't feel okay all of the time.  Embrace today and the rest and relaxation that is offered to you.  As you focus on your breath, imagine that you can take a sense of awareness inside of your body, deep within your cells.  See that each cell is filled with beautiful white light, Source energy, Divine energy.  Divine light and presence dwells within you and as you open your heart to that light, it is like a flower reaching up towards and gathering the sunlight.  You are surrounded in love."

I have been pondering some dreams and changes.  I think this is my invitation to look more deeply at what I would like to do with them and how I can bring that aspect of myself forward.  Just in case you are wondering, it has to do with cooking and baking!  

If you find yourself in a place of transition and change, in career or relationships or just living your truth, or if you are feeling like you should be further along than you thought you would be, think about this:  a master has failed more times than a beginner has even tried.

I love the saying, "One small crack doesn't mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn't fall apart."

I am wishing you huge love, light, peace and joy as you move through your path.  Have an amazing couple of weeks, talk soon!

All my love, Michelle

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