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Message from Michelle

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Happy lazy days of summer to you!

I hope this messages finds you well and enjoying the beautiful days and the warm evening and gorgeous sunsets!  It was so hard for me to chose a picture for this newsletter as I have seriously taken hundreds and hundreds this summer so far.  I chose this one as it seems timely, we are just coming to the end of a Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius.  If you don't know what that means, don't worry, it essentially means that likely, big truths have come to the surface and life may have been a bit turbulent lately.  For many, the chaos might show like a blessing in disguise, so I hope that is the case for you!  I have chosen a beautiful picture of Mt. Currie (in Pemberton) that I took on our last flight with the message of, it is so important to remember to see things from a higher perspective right now.  Find ways to elevate your thoughts and energy, with self care being a huge priority for "sensitives" right now!

Moving forward into the rest of August is a new phase of energy, which is exciting and supporting those who are ready for a higher level of consciousness, including accessing higher levels of consciousness.  August is a great month for visualizing and manifesting what you would like to bring to your life!  Make sure to pay attention to your dreams and to honor you very own intuitive gifts!

We still have a couple quick holiday trips and plans left before the end of summer, but I am already hard at work finalizing a few events for the coming fall and into 2020!  I am so excited for what is to come!!  Make sure to check out the events below and see what is coming up!

Of all the things we do in the summer, spending time outside in the sunshine and anywhere near water with my dogs is just the best.

I am wishing you a beautiful August, days full of love, warmth, sunshine, peace, and joy.

All my love, Michelle


Message from Stephanie Tate, Michelle's amazing assistant!

Message from Stephanie Tate, Michelle's amazing assistant! Hi everyone!  I wanted to share an experience I had a couple of weeks ago. I reached out to Soul Stones owners Mandy & Jaimi inquiring about a Crystal Reiki treatment. I've been burning the candle on both ends working in my co-op and completing an online class. I was in need of some chakra alignment and soothing reiki energy. Mandy replied right away and was able to give me all the details, length of session, what to wear and after answering my questions I was ready! I have my attunement done in Reiki level 1&2, and I use it mainly just on myself. It's been a LONG time since I gave in to having reiki performed on me. My session arrived and I was a bit tired, so knew that I would fall into a light sleep right away. I remember as I was laying down wondering why Jaimi would have a vibrating massage bed? It was only after that the session that I realized those were the crystals that were placed beside me! Jaimi and Mandy work in tandem clearing energy blocks, opening chakras and providing some tender energy love where it's needed in the body. I had an hour session and don't know when I fell asleep. Sorry if I snored ladies! :) I woke up as the ladies were tying the energy in and then it happened. Did you know that Jaimi and Mandy are highly intuitive? The messages that came through to me, about my chakras, parts of my spirit animals and deceased loved ones. I was pleasantly surprised. Watching this mom/daughter duo share messages is something else. They can finish each other's sentences and always if one feels something the other is in tune right away as well. Afterward, I drank a LOT of water but still felt pretty nauseous that evening. But I know that with energy work, you have to flush out the movement of the energy meridians shifting. The insight, relaxed sleep, and knowledge I gained from this session were amazing!  I highly suggest booking in with these ladies. You will not be disappointed. Happy August everyone! XOXO Stephanie 


 Free 8 Minute Reset Meditation!


Looking for something different?  Something inspirational?  I would love to come and speak to your group, business or organization!  It is amazing how messages from Spirit can really bring people together, elevate the energy and start some meaningful and amazing conversations!  Contact me for your very own group reading or event!


I Can't Get No...Satisfaction! (not!)

I have been listening to lots of Rolling Stones songs lately as we are just about to head out to see them in concert!  OMG!  I am so excited!  Of course we all sing along, maybe we joyfully shout along, depending on the circumstance!  They bring back a memory lane all of their own.

I was sitting at a traffic light and this particular song, came on, I Can't Get No Satisfaction and I was singing along and as much as I love this song, I am like, it's not true for me!  When I think about it, I find satisfaction everywhere.  I am not sure this is true for everyone, but I sure hope that it is or can be true for you.

I love reading the letters of appreciation and gratitude in our local paper, even though they are fewer and farther between the letters of complaint.  It always amazes me how easy it is for people to pick out and find what makes them unhappy, bothered and all aboard a complain train, rather than look for what pleases them.  

When you look for what pleases you, sometimes even shifting your perspective to ease a bit, you go through life ebbing and flowing and feeling more peaceful, rather than in a state of tension, stress and strain.

There is so much that I am grateful for and that pleases me as I look around.  Here is just a small sampling from this summer:

  • New pavement!  They newly paved the highway exits and the on and off ramps near my home, it is just so beautiful, I love it!

  • The beautiful city that is Kamloops.  This city does the most incredible job of making every single space as beautiful as possible, the boulevards, the hanging baskets, the parks, they are incredible and not only do I notice, but it makes me feel so blessed and happy to live here.

  • Music in the Park.  Seriously the best.

  • The hummingbirds that visit our yard each and every day.

  • Sitting on my deck with a tea.

  • Playing cards and games with friends.

  • Cooking something new.

  • Baking!  (right now, it is all about the Macrons!)

  • The Great British Baking Show.  I don't know what it is about this show, but I could watch it over and over.

  • Kind people in the grocery store.  A lovely young man went on the hunt for some herbs for me the other day and not only found what I was looking for, but was so kind about it.

  • The sound of laughter and music from neighbors in their yards.  It means people are having a good time and I love that!

  • Spending time in nature.  Anywhere outside, walking favorite trails or new ones I haven't yet tried.  I also love seeing other people out and enjoying nature, it is like mutual appreciation.

There are so many big things that I am grateful for as well, but my wish is that you see the beauty and "amazingness" that is around you each and every day and that you look for the good, that you get loads of satisfaction!  It might mean shifting the way you are seeing something, but that is a huge win!

Enjoy every moment as much as possible.  That is truly a beautiful way to make your life full of meaning, purpose and belonging.  I am sending you loads of love, joy and peace.  I look forward to connecting soon!

All my love, Michelle

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